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Walden in Transition is a grassroots initiative in Saffron Walden which recognises our community's urgent need to:

* Build local resilience in response to ever increasing fuel prices
* Drastically reduce carbon emissions in response to climate change
* Re-localise our economy in response to a faltering global economy
and create a sustainable way of life.

Our mission is to re-localise our town, making it vibrant, resilient, sustainable and fun to live in.


This year's AGM will be held on Monday October 31st at 7.30pm at the King's Arms, Saffron Walden

Please note that no monthly Community Cafes will be held until further notice.

Walden in Transition is able to offer small grants towards projects assisting local energy

self sufficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. For more details see under Projects.


            Walden Local Food Stall                                                   Food Event Dec 2013                


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